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A single woman engineer, webmaster and domain investor was falsely accused by people she had never met or interacted with, without proof, but unfortunately government officials decided to pay them off without checking with her whether she was innocent . For this they put her under surveillance, used non contact weapons to destroy her memory, and then stole her retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason. They are probably using the savings to get a loan to pay off all those, who make false accusations against her without proof. After more than 6 years, these officials do not want to communicate with her, as they are highly status conscious, yet want control over her hard earned money so that they can use or misuse the money as they wish to, and cause her financial problems

The single woman domain investor does not need the unwanted interference of government officials who are wasting her hard earned money on people who make false accusations without proof. She can handle the false cases herself, filing a counter complaint against all those who make false accusations against her without any proof to extort her hard earned money. However, she needs her retirement savings returned as the FDs have to be renewed ,she requires the funds for financial emergencies and to change the investment. As she is a single woman with no support in her old age, she cannot afford to have strangers who have no faith in her, waste her hard earned money on blackmailers and extortionists, who have never ever interacted with her, falsely claiming to be helping her

A law enforcement official has confirmed that the retirement savings are held by a government agency, and can be retrieved on request. The single woman is looking for help to retrieve her retirement savings, anyone interested can send an email to . In Mumbai, it appears that a large number of people had their post office savings stolen without a court order or legally valid reason. If a person is so status conscious that he or she does not want to interact or communicate with another person, he has no right to hold the hard earned money of the indian citizen without his or her knowledge or permission.