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Scam victim help

A scam victim a harmless single woman engineer, needs help urgently to retrieve her hard earned money . Powerful officials instigated by large corporates put her under surveillance, leaked her personal and financial information to blackmailers and extortionists all over country. These blackmailers and extortionists were then encouraged to file false cases against the single woman, they had never interacted with, without any proof to earn some very easy money, to ruin the reputation of the innocent woman and waste her hard earned money .

Unfortunately a very powerful official who had a poor opinion of the victim, decided that all the cases were valid without even bothering to check with the accused or whether those accusing had any valid proof. He decided to pay them off, and terrorized her into paying her hard earned money for articles, at a far higher price than required, to get money to pay these blackmailers and extortionist.

When blackmailers and extortionist saw that they could get easy money without doing anything, except making fake accusations without proof against a person they had never met or even interacted with, it started a vicious circle of people making accusation without proof against an innocent person, just to extort her hard earned money. Today even her retirement savings are stolen, to pay off those who make false accusation.

Looking for someone to contact the government officials, find out to whom they have paid her hard earned money, without her knowledge or permission, and get it back, so that no one will falsely accuse her again, without any proof.